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Book 1

The Heritage of Terra:  The Endeavor

Five years after the Martian War, a new threat lurks behind the Jumpgate hundreds of light years away from the Earth System.  In an effort to sooth a capricious situtation, the Interplanetary Congressional Association (ICA) sends its top negotiator, Ambassador Cason Del’Ambora, the “Savior of the Earth System,” to arbitrate a peaceful agreement between the Cainons and the ICA colonists.  He alone is the only thing standing between the ICA and Interstellar War.

However, an outside influence makes it impossible for his transport, the Starship, the ICA Endeavor, to complete his charge.  Stranded in the merciless grips of endless hyperspace, the crew of the ICA Endeavor must enter real space.  Captain Avery and Ambassador Del’Ambora work together to rally the crew and to find a new home planet, Terra.

Terra is an Earth-class planet, full of beauty and mystery.  The unique tapestries of the jungles are decorated with colorful flowers and mosses with medicinal properties.  However, the strange geological makeup of the planet’s crust gives off centralized magnetic fields that make it unwise to settle in these places.

Having successfully created a new home for themselves, now they must survive each other....

Book 2

The Heritage of Terra:  The Obligation:  Shadows of a Threat

Starvation! War! Obligation! For four hundred years, the monarchy has overseen the farming practices of the Trepidar Empire. Having depleted their natural resources, the Trepidar people are starving. A new idealistic Dyne inherits the empire, and vows to lead his people into a new age of prosperity. Sending scouts over the unexplored continent, Dyne Kyvin discovers a western civilization with innovative farming techniques. Under the pretense of securing the Dyne s safety, the treacherous General Slivith sends a legion of troops to the western civilization. Meanwhile, Dyne Kyvin has sent two scouts northward to the dark and mysterious Black Valley. Sure that resources of great value are hidden in this valley, he charges Scout Patros Armson with unlocking the secrets of this obscure area. As Patros and his comrade penetrate the forests of the valley, they are kidnapped and brought into the shrouded lair of Cason Del Ambora. Quickly, Cason uncovers the Dyne s plan to move against the western civilization. He travels over the continent to incite a movement by the Westerners against the Trepidar, but not everything goes as Cason has planned.... This action packed second installment of the Heritage of Terra series will make your senses tingle!

Book 3

The Heritage of Terra:  The Obligation:  The First War

Coming in Fall 2010!

Cason Del’Ambora, Living Vampire, traveled to the Western Civilization, a nation of Empathic humans, to warn them of their impending doom.  The governor, Wictow Quarn, rejected Cason’s claims and believes that Cason, himself, is the threat.  A small band of Cason’s supporters within the First City sneaks Cason away to the Monastery, where the Order of the Endeavor resides.  Despite his fear of becoming a Messiah to the Order, Cason teaches a selective group how to use the energy of the Universe, while his other supporters pull together a small army to oppose the Trepidar Army.  The First War has come!  Who will truly win?